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Excellentbridge is the global ERP and collaboration technology platform that helps teams and companies of all sizes across industries do their best work. Our intelligent business transformation solutions provide an ecosystem for organizations seeking agile, clear ROl-driven approach and insights to improve their current business processes and operations

Data Center

Excellentbridge understands being trusted with users sensitive data

Our data security measures are designed to help keep your data safe in compliance your with local legislation

  • Review processes to protect confidential, private and sensitive information
  • Access Level controls for users
  • Security Issues Notification
  • Review and analysis of the implemented controls
  • Internal and external audits to check conformance
  • Enforced multi-level security controls
  • ExcellentBridge protects and respects user' privacy
  • Complies with global data privacy standard practice
  • Implement constant security patch update

Our relentless commitment to data privacy

As technology advances, we continue to improve our seccurity practices and safeguard all users data. We are constantly testing and improving our cybersecurity practices to protect user data processed by ExcellentBridge, while collaborating with security partners around the world to always stay ahead of our game.

Data privacy guidelines
ExcellentBridge only collects and process user data using lawful guidelines. We also protect your privacy from those you don't consent to sharing your information.
Data privacy by design
ExcellentBridge remains committed on improving its solutions to support protection and privacy features to its product standard.

Data Center Locations

The map below shows the data center locations where our clous services are currently operated

Cloud Service Agreement

Our cloud service-level agreement is an agreement between Excellentbridge and a customer to ensures a minimum level of service is maintained.

Service Decription
Excellentbridge delivers cloud service and solutions under documented commercial terms, policies, and agreements. Users using our solutions agree to our terms.
Order Terms
The order terms of your subscription to our cloud services defines te service terms which customers agree to before subscribing for our cloud services and solutions Read privacy policy
Helping you keep your data safe

We protect user information shared with us, and periodically notify customers on fraud and scam alerts that might impact our customers. Our security notifications create awareness about data vulnerability, phishing, and more dos and don'ts on data protection.

Building and establishing trust with our customers

Multi-factor authentication
Our solutions use multi-factor authentication to verify user identity. It typically requires a combination of something the user knows e.g. PIN or OTP. MFA offers significantly more powerful security and protection against unauthorized access. Organizations as well as individuals should implement MFA wherever possible.
Your stored data is encrypted
All users data stored in our systems is safeguarded by encryption. These stored data is encrypted using advanced encryption standard.
Partnerships to build better security
We engage in partnerships with security organizations to help and ensure we protect users data using the best standard practice.

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