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InvexERP Digital Trasformation GO LIVE
Explore our latest cloud platform and technology
Lagos, Nigeria
June 11-12. 2024
Juesco Nig Ltd. InvexERP Go Live Day
Learn how businesses are trasforming how they run with InvexERP
Juesco facility, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
December 15.2023
Fexspace Community LIVE
Connect, Share & Work Together with the Fexspace Global Community Hub.
Virtual Event - Fexspace, Google Meet, Zoom
January 19th, 2024
Business Insights Connect
Learn how AI and insights can impact your business
Virtual Event - Fexspace, Google Meet, Zoom
February 21.2023

Past Events

Attend and watch replays of virtual sessions from past events.

Revolutionalzing ERP: Mertesacker Nig Ltd. GO LIVE
Get the latest knowledge on how companies are integrating and automating their processes to achieve enhanced efficiency, while moving away from inefficient manual processes.
Changing how work is done: A Virtual Event
Discover how ERP has become a vital tool that organizations critically depend on to integrate teams and establish seamless communication between them.
Productivity Unleashed: A Webinar
Learn how the performance of employees who use the Fexspace system, defines the importance of analyzing insights measuring task progress and completion rates of your team.

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