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InveX inventory management software tracks orders, stock, items in use, control stock, items' current location and statusand manage all inventory management processes of your business. It is best for ecommerce, warehouses, wholesalers and retailers; and it simplifies your inventory & order operations with powerful inventory management features. It would automatically link your products to sell them on your sales platform/store without the hassle. With InveX inventory management software, you can link your product's inventory together for all your stores so that when a product is sold anywhere, its new stock level will update everywhere using the cloud based platform. It also stores and manages your business asset information in a central inventory database system for easy assessment. Inventory report can be seen by any user with the right access privilege all at real-time.

  • Item tracker
  • Equipment movement tracker
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Control
  • Reorder level alert
  • Asset Security
  • Inventory Record Update
  • Stock Analysis
  • Calibration Schedule and Management
  • Damage Tracker
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Transfer Manager
  • Barcode Scanner Enable
  • Barcode/Label Generator
  • Cloud Based
  • User-Friendly and Interactive Interface
    • Item tracker
    Inventory Management
    Damage Tracker
    Stock Analysis

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