Invex Approval
Management Software

The invex request system supports organizations to be able to manage all types of employee forms submitted for approval in daily activities.


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Requests can be approved
quickly and from anywhere

The fastest way to send your request, have it reviewed, approved and tracked by your boss.

Fast, flexible and most reliable
Approval Management Software

Give and get quick approvals to your business processes or workflow from the
convenience of your mobile devices.

More flexibility more productivity.

Invex approval software streamlines any approval process and eliminates the headaches of manual approval handling and hence increases the overall productivity of organization.


Tune the system to suit your needs. Add forms, reports, and workflows.

Be mobile

Invex Approval Software accessible on mobile, so you can send requests, get them reviewed, approved, and tracked in record time, without waiting to get your laptop.


Send, receive and manage the approvals of all your material requests, funds requests, leave requests, service requests, and other requests in a single platform.

Achieve management excellence with fast Approval Workflow

Never miss out on anything important again. From procurement request to reimbursement claim, you can approve with just few clicks.

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