Fast and reliable Retail Management Software (RMS)

Point-of-Sales (POS) software that guarantees enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Our fast and easy-to-use Invex retail point-of-sales software guarantees efficiency and reliability so you can focus on your business and enjoy increased Return on Investment for any type of business.

  • Supports multi-user platforms
  • Remote data processing & transaction monitoring
  • Grants access to your business transaction on the go
  • Integrated systems for restaurants, bars & shops, etc.

A single retail management solution provides multiple services, such as:

  • inventory management
  • invoicing and billing
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • marketing management
  • stock verification
  • data analysis and report generation.

Whatever your industry we have you covered.

Our POS Solutions cut across all business sectors:

  • inventory management
  • Hospitality (Restaurants, Bars, Bakery, Lounge, Cafe, Pizzeria etc)
  • Retail (Supermarket, Pharmacy, Groceries, Meat Shop)
  • Mobile POS (Kiosks, Events, Vending Businesses – Recharge Card, Paga, Quick Teller, etc)
  • Corporates (Companies, Warehouses, Factories, Plants)
  • Etc…

POS Implementation… A Profitable Choice!

Implementing a Point of Sales (POS) Solution is a great way to improve your Business. You focus on running your business and let our POS software system handle your business sales processes and manage inventory. You keep your eye on operations via various reports that are available.

Invex POS software offers you a wide range of POS software solutions for every business type or budget. Our solutions offer great benefits to customers, employees and the business owners. There is improved experience, which means more money in your pocket because customer experience is improved, shortages are checked and Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed.

Implementing retail store management software, helps business owners automate numerous processes and get a single source of truth that delivers transparent and relevant information about finance, products and customers.


You can automate store tasks such as inventory auditing, pricing regulation, billing, reporting, payroll records, returns processing, etc.

Control costs

This customized manufacturing accounting software gives you control over work order details and deeper insights into your production costs to see where to cut spend and save money faster.

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Real-time visibility

Systems allow you to control warehouses and shop floors in online mode, quickly identify whether certain items are in or out of stock, send instant alerts if something is out of order, and help avoid downtime.

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Improved customer service

Employees can spend more time engaging with customers while the system performs other tasks automatically.

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