Inventory Control Software in the Food and Beverage Industry

Efficient stock management solution that effectively handles all the issues around shelf-life, seasonality, and traceability that make Inventory Control a challenge in the Food and Beverage industry.

Inventory Control solution for All business sizes

The food industry is one of the most challenging for manufacturers when it comes to optimizing their inventory control. The sheer complexity of having to manage such a variety of perishable components and ensure that customer service targets are consistently met means that powerful food inventory software is essential.

The right inventory management system is key to fostering greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for businesses. Food manufacturers, in particular, can limit or eradicate unnecessary losses as a result of inventory mismanagement. It can also promote faster, more efficient growth that is geared toward helping the business scale.

The benefits of food inventory software

Highly Customizable

Refine and modify critical components of an inventory management system to better integrate and align with the business’s unique supply chain

Traceability – Visibility of the Supply Chain

Track and trace the lot numbers of your raw ingredient and packaging to every finished good you turned it into and every client you shipped it to. Provide a full electronic batch record that can include each piece of equipment, personnel, and test performed on a batch.

Boosted profitability through Automation

Leverage the power of automation to further enhance the efficiency of procurement, production, distribution and sales.

Scale and evolve for growth

Greater operational efficiency and productivity inevitably leads to business growth and success.

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  • Track and trace throughout the supply chain

    The track and trace functionality of these systems allows food manufacturers and restaurant managers to track all ingredients back through the supply chain. This is especially useful in the event of a product recall, batch and serial number tracking make it easier for businesses to locate the stock in question.
  • A single source of truth

    It can ensure that as an item in your business is sold, your stock levels reduce accordingly, and as stock is purchased your stock levels increase.
  • Determine true costs

    By knowing the exact quantity and value of on-hand stock and the real usage of each stock item, managers can more accurately determine their restaurant’s food cost.
    Managing food and beverage inventory can be complex, but they are controllable with Invex business management solutions - your right choice.

No margin for error using inventory control software

Software as a Service (SaaS) inventory control software solutions are tailored to ensure that updates and improved functionality for the individual requirements of their customers are carried out without disruption to the manufacturer. In an industry where every second counts and every item of inventory has a use by and sell by date, the margin for error when implementing a powerful inventory control software solution is simply non-existent.

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