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Easy to use, affordable accounting software for sole traders, start-ups and small businesses.

Invex Accounting software is a simple and easy to use accounting software that has been used and trusted for almost a decade by reputable companies like Thermocool distribution, Samsung Homes Port Harcourt, PertroBase Group etc

Our Accounting software is Fast and secure for your business transactions

  • Simplifies invoicing and accounting
  • Takes the stress off the business admin and increase overall productivity
  • Offers unlimited transactions
  • Easy and Faster Inventory Management
  • Allows you to run your business from anywhere, anytime
  • Customer relationship management
  • You can easily collaborate with your accountant

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  • Send invoices directly to customers via email
  • Transaction Summary Via Email/SMS alert
  • Deliver key metrics and financial reporting straight from the cloud to your tablet, browser or mobile device
  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Simple comprehensive Account Reports
    Faster Inventory Management
    Easy Navigation Dashboard
    Technical Support

    Manage your business from anywhere in the world.

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