Effective and Easy-To-Use Gas Station Management Software

Gas station Management System is a complex front-office software for filling stations intended for:

  • provision of control over technological processes and forecourt equipment (fuel dispensers, price boards, car washes, others)
  • automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products
  • provision of sales of retails products using various payment forms
  • automated reporting over gas station operation history during a selected period of time
  • provision and account of personnel operation of gas station
  • provision of discount-bonus loyalty card system for customers
  • remote monitoring over gas station operation
  • remote reporting over operation of a gas station network

Key features of Invex Gas Station Management software

  • Storage Location setup (Gas Tanks)
  • Inventory management & tracking (Inventory is linked to a Storage Location)
  • Meter Readings and tracking Invoicing (Sales)
  • Customer Management (Includes Customer Ledger)
  • Vendors Management (Includes all supplies from vendors and payments to vendors)
  • Expenses Management
  • Impress Account
  • Asset Accounts
  • Banking Reports
  • HR Management Payroll (With Prorated salary option)
  • Ease of Access to Transaction History
  • Income Statements (Profit and Loss Report)
  • Customizable reports

Inventory Control solution for All business sizes

The food industry is one of the most challenging for manufacturers when it comes to optimizing their inventory control. The sheer complexity of having to manage such a variety of perishable components and ensure that customer service targets are consistently met means that powerful food inventory software is essential.

The right inventory management system is key to fostering greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for businesses. Food manufacturers, in particular, can limit or eradicate unnecessary losses as a result of inventory mismanagement. It can also promote faster, more efficient growth that is geared toward helping the business scale.

Meter Readings and tracking Invoicing

Get instant notifications of your meter readings, and also track your sales invoices effectively anytime and from anywhere.

Storage Location setup

Invex Gas Station Management software helps you to easily set up your gas station storage location for a more effective management of your inventory.

Inventory management & tracking

Your gas station inventory is linked to a Storage Location. So, it’s easy and simple to control, manage, and track your inventory.

The Benefits of Using Gas Station Management Software

The challenges of keeping track of pricing and on-hand levels of an ever-shifting inventory of products while providing world-class service, while simultaneously keeping up with gas supply and demand and seasonal pricing shifts is enough to stress even the most skilled of operators. These tasks could be automated and offloaded to a cloud-based software solution.

Less Hassle, More Efficiency

With Invex cloud-based fuel management solutions, the process of tracking trends in usage, managing inventory and ordering, and troubleshooting supplier issues are all tasks that are automated and processed offsite.
It also minimizes the impact of system failure and costs of system maintenance, as both are issues handled offsite by the service provider. In the end, the automation of a cloud-based fuel management system leaves you to only worry about making sure customers can fill their tanks.

An Affordable and Accessible Solution

Invex cloud-based solution also provides access to constant innovation and an expansion of services across multiple platforms.
Further, integration with mobile applications and mobile devices that comes standard in many cloud-based services provides access to easily customized solutions designed to improve your operation.

Ease of Operation

You could do all of your business tasks such as inventories, product orders, fuel management, and personnel-related tasks like payroll from the road while on a business trip to attend a conference showcasing trends in the convenience store market. And that they are properly executed. Or from the comfort of your own home. Or anywhere else you can access the internet.
Invex cloud-based convenience store management software suite allows you to do just that, freeing you up to improve your own quality of life, or focus on your customers rather than worry about the minutiae that keeps you behind a desk instead of on your sales floor.

Saves time and energy

While the logistics of fuel management and retail product inventory and ordering can be time-consuming processes, there are automated solutions readily available through migration to cloud-based software systems that will free you and your management teams up to focus on other operational matters.