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    Every Business needs a
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    From business enterprises to homes
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    influenced by software today.
  • Invex Accounting Software

    Best way to Manage your Business Accounting
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  • Enterprise Software Solution

    Get Customized Software that meets your Business
    Specific needs.
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  • Invex Works for Every Business

    Every Business needs a Software. Get Invex Now.
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    We develop the system that helps you manage your
    Business from anywhere.
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Welcome ExcellentBridge

ExcellentBridge is a leading name in the software industry with core investments in business management software solution, system networking,
database development and management, mobile applications, dynamic/interactive user-friendly websites etc…
In response to the increase in business operation challenges facing different sectors in the industry, we have stepped up with enterprise software
solutions that can change and greatly improve the way business is run. With our wide variety of skills and internationally recognized standard and level
of competence, we are the number one choice to deploy various IT solutions to your business.

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Invex 360 Accounting Software

Invex 360

Complete Accounting Software for Large Scale Business
  • - Book of original entry - Primary book of accounts
  • - Inventory Management- Purchase History
  • - Financial Analysis- Customer Relationship
  • - Synch financial reports to mobile device. See More

Invex POS

Invex POS

Automate your Inventory & Sales Operations
  • - Sales Tracking - Works with any Printer
  • - Inventory Management- Purchase History
  • - Simple Income Statement Report
  • - Synch business reports to mobile phone. See More

Hospital Management System


Smart & Proficient Hospital Management Software
  • Patient Check In / Check Out
  • Patient Record Management
  • Doctor/Patients Scheduling System
  • Pharmacy Laboratory/Pathology Automation See More



Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps you take control of the entire business, giving them interconnection between all departments and standardization of all processes.
  • Inter-department information flow
  • Integration and facilitation of departmental operations
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Well-structured secured back-end See More

Datacenter Solution

Datacenter Solution

Synchronize and control Information Flow within your organization(s)
  • Virtualization of computing, storage, and network resources
  • Information management software (ExcellentBridge DTrix) for unified resource operation, management, and maintenance
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities
  • Service continuity with disaster prevention and recovery See More

Web Development

Web Development

Brand your company to impress your global audience.
  • Corporate Website
  • E-Commerce
  • Bill Payment Website
  • Multi Level Marketing Website See More
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