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Manage Large Business Accounting with InveX 360

Upgrading your organization's ability to provide insight and detail financial information e.g. book of original entry and primary book of accounts is critical to increase dexterity and competitiveness in the market. Of course, the financial process can be tedious and confusing, particularly when the accounting software you are using is not up-to-large business standardor if your business largely depends on spreadsheets. InveX 360 can run multiple branches and give a consolidated accounts; it is the right software that can increase the efficiency and accuracy of accounting, and automate and streamline the business processes. InveX 360 deployed on the cloud by activating the cloud feature, and then you can easily run your business applications all on one platform.

InveX 360 will enable your large company to work as one team, using one recording system for greater consistency and efficiency, running your accounting all on the trusted, secure and salesforce platform. To learn more, download the trial version.

  • Book of original entry
  • Primary book of accounts
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase History
  • Financial Analysis
  • Calibration Schedule and Management
  • Calibration Schedule and Management
  • Reorder level alert
  • Profit & Loss report
  • Income/Expenses Analysis
  • Customer relationship
  • Transaction Summary Via Email/SMS alert system
  • Customer Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Deliver key metrics and financial reporting straight from the cloud to your tablet, browser or mobile device
  • Vendors Ledger
  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Quick and flexible method of calculating Income Statement
  • View departmental tabs that combine billing, collections, sales and related expenses on a single page
  • Control the numbers of emails by using "Chatter" for accounting and reports
  • Comprehensive Account Reports
    Inventory Management
    Easy Navigation Dashboard
    Technical Support

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