School Management System Software

Your school administration would be improved with School Management Software

Every school is needs a good administrator to maintain and improve the smooth running operation of the institution. The use of manual approach in its departmental operations doesn't show proficient result in the end. The system helps to handle the registration process of all students, and storestheir information in a database management system that can be accessed all at real time. It analysisand provides virtually all the student's record activities starting from their first day at school through to their graduation. It splendid accounting module keep track of all financial transactions e.g. application fee, students tuition, books, accommodation, cash disbursement, procurements, inventory etc. and gives a profit and loss report at the end of the month, term, session, or year.

  • Administrative cleverness
  • Staff payroll management
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure Database
  • Financial accounting system
  • Income/Expenses Analysis
  • Electronic receipt printing for all transactions
  • Credit card POS interface
  • Ease of access to student updated information
  • Quick and flexible method of calculating students grades
  • Systematic student face recognition system
  • Accounts Dashboard
  • E-Portal
  • E-Library System.
  • Quick and flexible method of calculating Income Statement
  • Administrative cleverness
    Financial accounting system
    Ease of access to student updated information
    Financial accounting system

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