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Need more than an efficient hotel administrative staff? Manage every aspect of your hotel operation with our ProEx Hotel Management Software

Our ProEx Hotel Management Softwarehelps you take control of the entire hotel operation business, giving them interconnection between all departments and standardization of all processes. ProEx is typically a suite of integrated application that you can use to integrate, collect, store, manage and interpret data & activities from every department e.g. front-desk, laundry, restaurant, gym, room service, house-keeping, customer management, purchase, staff etc.

Our ProEx is hotel business operation friendly and allows for data for analysis, and adapts perfectly to customized operational style of your business.

  • Statistical hotel/customer information
  • Ease of access to check in guest updated information
  • Quick reservation system
  • Automatic receipt printing
  • Quick and flexible method of getting available rooms in the hotel
  • Online reservation system
  • House Keeping system
  • Database criteria search engine
  • Bar Management System (POS)
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Hall management system
  • Accurate and secured billing System
  • Financial account report
  • Daily Transaction Report SMS alert sender
  • Hotel's inventory system
  • Employees Collaboration System
  • Duty Roster Management
  • Easy Control of all Departments
    Quick reservation system
    Easy Navigation Dashboard
    Technical Support

    Manage your business from anywhere in the world.

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